Why Is the Subconscious Important?

Because it creates your life. You are, you do, you have, ONLY what you are, do or have in your subconscious mind.

If you buy a DVD with a movie, you cannot see another movie when you play that DVD, except what the disc contains. In the same way, what is written in your subconscious mind is what your reality is or will be. It is impossible to be any other way. You cannot believe in your subconscious that you are rich and be poor. You cannot believe you are poor and be rich. You cannot believe you are fat and be fit. You cannot believe that you are fit and be fat.

Your subconscious can be programmed in any way you see fit. It is the ONLY way your life can change. You have always done it, deliberately or not. Every time you made changes in your life, you first changed your subconscious mind. Change is impossible without first changing your subconscious.

You see, the subconscious is what makes life possible. It is responsible for your heartbeats, for your breathing, for healing your body, for digestion. And it does all of this without you thinking about it. It is genetically programmed to do so and it does so without any effort on your side. In the same way, it creates your experience, without effort on your side. That may sound like new-age stuff to you so let me further explain it.

Remember when you wanted to do something and it was stressful because you just couldn't do it? You tried and tried but failed. There always was something that seemed to be blocking you. Stress is the key word here. You know that tension, that feeling of impossibility. That is when your subconscious believes something and you want to consciously do something that is not congruent with your subconscious belief.
In the same way, think about the stuff that you effortlessly do now but at some point in your life it seemed hard to do but now it is just EASY and NATURAL! Two simple examples: riding a bicycle, driving a car. Once you have programmed your subconscious to do those tasks and it took over, it became EASY. It works in the same way for everything else.

The conscious does the programming, the subconscious perfectly executes the programs. Each part of the mind has a specific purpose. When you learn how to program your subconscious, you will learn how to do, have and be anything you desire.

Since you were born, you accepted or created programs for your subconscious. I promise you will live the best life after you learn how to use your subconscious mind efficiently and that is what this site is about.

Still don't understand the importance of your subconscious? I insist...

Think about the things you couldn't do anymore if you lost an arm or a leg or a finger or an ear or an eye. It would narrow down your options but you could still live a pretty normal life.
Now think about losing your brain. What could you do after that? Please, really think about it! What more could you do without a brain? Picture a man with no brain... dead.

Nothing can be done without a brain because the brain commands everything.

If you tell people that to build muscles, they need to workout, they believe it is true, they agree. But when you tell people that to have a successful life... in every area (finances, friends, intimate relationships, career etc) they need to understand, train and control the mind, they don't agree so easily. Few accept it totally, most of them accept part of this truth and some just don't care about it. Now isn't that strange?

Some will say you have to be lucky, you have to be smart, you have to know people but the truth is that it ALL depends on the mind, because it makes you do things, it makes you see things, say things, go places, meet people... it does EVERYTHING.

And in the same way that any normal person can train and make his muscles grow and be stronger, you can train and have a stronger, more capable mind. And that will make you more powerful, more capable, happier, more successful.

Workout that muscle!